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The documents listed below provide Dictionary Hill information, including articles and summary sections of the EIR from the previous development proposal. E versions of full reports are available.
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How did Dictionary Hill get its name?  Dictionary Hill, also known as Lookout Mountain, is located in the middle of Spring Valley.  The property was subdivided in the early 1900’s without regard for its rugged topography; the cookie-cutter lots were only 50’ wide, and most were very steep and difficult to build on.  As a sales pitch to potential buyers, the subdividers offered a set of encyclopedias, including a dictionary, for each lot sold.  Thus Lookout Mountain became known as Dictionary Hill.  Substantial portions have remained unbuilt, providing excellent habitat for the native flora and fauna. 
1.  1 Oct 2008:   Letter.  Announces a name change for Lookout Mountain Advocates (LOMA) to Dictionary Hill Open Space Advocates (DHOSA)
2.   8 Aug 2008:   Letter.  Follow-up information from DHOSA (formally LOMA) to  the County Planning Department regarding the Highland Ranch Environmental Impact Report.  This letter emphasizes the increased importance of the sensitive habitat located on Dictionary Hill, considering the wildfires in 2003 and 2007 may have destroyed or damaged habitat set aside elsewhere.
3. 15 Dec 2006:   San Diego Union Tribune article.  The article, presently located  on SignOnSanDiego, is in regard to the Spring Valley Planning Group’s 12-0 rejection of the developer’s original plan to build housing on Dictionary Hill.  Since then, the plan has undergone a number of revisions (see paragraph 5 below), but the changes often appear more cosmetic than substantive.
4.  26 Nov 2007:   Letter of Response.  This document, sent by DHOSA  to the County Planning Department, is a comprehensive response to the developer’s Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR). It is an important document, offering a point-by-point  challenge to the developer’s claims.  

5. 11 Oct 2007:   Highland Ranch Subsequent Environmental Report  - This document was made available for public review and input. It includes several volumes of material and numerous appended reports reports on specific topics such as traffic, visual impacts, air quality, biology, noise and blasting, hydrology, cultural resources, and fire protection.  We have left the Table of Contents on line for historical perspective - the bulk of the report is still available for review by contacting us.        

        Table of Contents--Project synopsis, issues, and alternatives

6.  14 Apr 2009:  San Diego Union Article.  This article concerns the
default by the developer, and subsequent takeover of the Dictionary Hill
property by a property management investment firm.

7.  21 November 2015 -- DHOSA Amended ByLaws unanimously 
approved at the Annual Meeting.

Link to ByLaws revision