Mission & Goals 
Dictionary Hill
Open Space Advocates


MISSION:   Dedicated to the preservation of existing open space and natural habitat of Dictionary Hill and Bancroft Creek Canyon.

VISION:   An ecological preserve in the heart of Spring Valley that protects and maintains valuable habitat resources for the shared enjoyment of everyone.  This preserve, including Dictionary Hill, Bancroft Creek Canyon and adjacent open space, is a sanctuary where endangered species are protected and damaged areas restored with native plants.  To the greatest extent possible it should connect to other preserved open space in proximity through wildlife corridors thereby reducing habitat fragmentation while facilitating biodiversity. It will have trails where local residents and visitors can hike in a natural environment.  Programs will be developed with area schools so students may learn about ecology, history and stewardship in this special coastal sage scrub habitat.




Respect natural open space

Promote community involvement

Value environmental education

Encourage nature-based physical/mental health

Promote appropriate limited-impact recreation for the general public


+ Identify and secure funding to acquire and expand preserve areas.
+ Grow the DHOSA organization.
+ Inform and involve the community.
+ Pursue grant opportunities to improve trails/protect preserve areas.
+ Develop projects to remove invasive species and restore native          habitat.
+ Create viable volunteer programs to maintain and improve the preserve                 
+ Monitor land use planning activities and real estate transactions involving the numerous existing vacant legal lots in proximity to Dictionary Hill, the goal being to add them to an expanded future preserve.