Dictionary Hill
Open Space Advocates

Pictures from Dictionary Hill:  

These are some of our favorite photos, taken by members of DHOSA while hiking on Dictionary Hill or in Bancroft Canyon.  Many of the plants and animals are very rare, especially given our urban setting.  Place the cursor over the thumbnail to see the caption. Click on the thumbnail image to enlarge it.
California Thrasher
Indian Paintbrush
Johnny Jumpup
California Gnatcatcher (rare)
California Poppy
Ground Pink
San Diego Goldenstars
Owl's Clover (Secondary Host for Quino Checkerspot Butterfly)
Variagata Dudleya
White Sage
Wild Onion
Red Tailed hawk
Tiger Swallowtail
Wild Morning Glory
Grey Fox
Canterbury Bells
Plantago erecta
Loco weed
Red Maids
California Fuchsia
Metavolcanic Soil
Munz Sage (Rare)
Coastal Cactus Wren
Barrel Cactus
San Diego Horned Lizard
Anna's Hummingbird feeding on Tobacco Plant
Bushtiit making a nest
California Pea
Cactus Wren in flight
Centaurium venustum
Chinese Laterns
Chalk Dudleya
Coyote Pup
Northen Oriole in flight
Immature Red-tailed Hawk
San Diego Plantain
Spotted Towhee
Variegated Dudleya