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Dictionary Hill, originally known as Lookout Mountain, is a noted historical site. More than 150 years ago, Rufus King Porter, of of the founders of Spring Valley, climbed the mountain to see if the steamer had arrived before making the trip into Old Town to pick up mail and sell his produce. Today, from the top of Dictionary Hill, it is still possible to watch ships entering San Diego Bay. Let's save this wonderful experience for our children.


Sunday, April 28, 2024
10 a.m. - Buena Vista Entrance


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Dictionary Hill's Plants - Plant List 2023 

This list includes Native and Non - Native Vascular Plants from Dictionary Hill's Open Space Summit, and nearby Slopes, and Ravines  (Subject to revision as new observations occur) Data compiled after 2003 EIR, were from observations by Dillane and Merzbacher. Includes plant lists from 2003 (EIR) - 2023 present. Most current update 5/13/23. *Use as checklist to see how many you can find. 

DHOSA Newsletter August 2022


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Dictionary Hill Open Space Advocates (DHOSA) is an all volunteer group formed in 2005 whose membership is dedicated to preserving the open space and natural habitat of Dictionary Hill and Bancroft Creek Canyon. DHOSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To learn more about our group, please click here.

Dictionary Hill is the very heart of Spring Valley. This 1,059 foot mountain, and Bancroft Creek Canyon which lies along its northeastern slope, together comprise one of the largest remaining areas of undeveloped open space in our community.

Dictionary Hill is a unique place. Long considered too steep for develop-ment, the area supports a wealth of native plants, birds wildflowers, small animals, and hill-topping butterflies. Trails lead from the canyon to the top of the mountain where hikers are greeted by 360 degree panoramic views. Truly a special place.

Dictionary Hill was preserved by the County Board of Supervisors with a unanimous vote November 17, 2017!!!  The County purchased 175 acres for an appraised value of $5.4 million and added the land to the County's Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP). DHOSA has become a partner with the County Parks and Recreation Department in monitoring activities in the new preserve and planning the development of interpretative trails and measures to revegetate disturbed areas and protect the plants, wildlife and natural habitat of this unique place.

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