Location: Biopath Station # 2 Bancroft Creek Path with Ravine Junction (Southwest) * All Photos J Merzbacher unless otherwise stated.
​Features: Main Plants and Birds (seen in this area)
 *Coastal Sage Scrub (CSS) Habitat, Descriptions and (photos) for Several Dominant (Commonly occurring)  Plants on Slopes and Trailside at this location ( 5 ): 

1. California Sagebrush - Artemisia californica
Aster Family.  Namesake for main Southern California habitat "Coastal Sage Scrub" (CSS)  - Drought deciduous (drying in Summer), strongly scented. Many Artemisia (Wormwood)  species have  medicinal uses for many cultures (not to be eaten) Artemisia is the main flavoring ingredient in the popular distilled liquor drink "Absinthe" and can be toxic in small quantities taken alone. Has been used to deworm livestock. Thread - like Leaves 1 - 10 Cm. Blue Green soft textured. Flowers < 5mm diameter in Grayish -Cream colored clusters.

Strong scents and chemical compounds in many Coastal Sagebrush plants are thought to be a chemical weapon against insect and other animal predation.

​California Sagebrush - Artemisia californica   

2. Laurel Sumac - Malosma laurina - Important large woody shrub with 8 -15 Cm long Leaves Folded lengthwise some say  "Taco Shaped Leaves" . It's Cream colored flowers leave rust colored seed heads important for bird survival year long.

3. Diplacus puniceus - Red Bush Monkey Flower
(Distinct from similarly Flower shaped Orange - ish Diplacus x australis - Southern Bush Monkey Flower) Perennial - Seen on many places on Dictionary Hill. Leaves Humming birds are attracted to this large Red tubular flower for its nectar. 

4. California Broom - Acmispon glaber var glaber - 
A Perennial Small Yellow Pea Family Flower which attracts many small 1-2 Cm Blue Butterflies, and 3- 5 Cm Orange and Black Behrs Metalmark BF(Common) 

5. Flat Topped Buckwheat - Eriogonum fasciculatum - Buckwheat Family. Perennial. Scale like 1 cm long  leaves. 1 mm wide, .5 mm thick. White Flower clusters at "top" of Shrub becoming Rust Colored in Spring Summer and Fall. Primary plant for CSS habitat and food source for Birds in the Dictionary Hill Preserve

Short Bird List of Most Common Birds at this Station

1. California Towhee

2. Spotted Towhee

3. Wren Tit

4. California Thrasher

5. Annas Humming Bird

6. Red Tailed Hawk

photos: Linda Pardy, Jim Merzbacher, Lilly D.
L-R Close up, branch, Entire Plant
L-R (1-2cm narrow 3 part leaf) Leaf w Flowers(L) , Plant with Acmon Blue Butterfly(middle), Flower detail (Yellow, Pea Shape Flower) (R) 
7. Lazuli Bunting Rare (Last Seen 2015 following Fires)
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